Kazakhstan cracks down on illegal trade and unleashes TIR transport potential

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Kazakhstan is aware of the security benefits of TIR in combating illicit trade.

The Government of Kazakhstan has recently issued Order No. 619, which will create a green channel for carriers using TIR-EPD (TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration System). The Kazakh government will set up the above-mentioned green channels according to the actual reception capacity of the customs checkpoints, and give priority to the Nur Rao Port (Horgos Port in China) and Aktau Port.

This latest move by the Kazakh government is aimed at combating illegal cross-border trade and positioning TIR as a vehicle for promoting the safe, reliable and legal movement of goods between countries.

"TIR is a time-tested tool to help make international trade more secure. "We welcome the Kazakh government's embrace of the security benefits of TIR, which will show that TIR can help fight illicit trade on a global scale," said IRU Secretary General Umberto de Breto.

With the introduction of the TIR-EPD Green Corridor, Kazakhstan and China will benefit from rapid customs clearance, which will significantly reduce border waiting times and transport costs.

The forward-looking initiatives of Kazakh customs authorities mean that neighbouring countries will also benefit from the trade and security advantages provided by TIR, and provide an excellent example of best practice for customs authorities in Eurasia and elsewhere.